Monday, 01 August 2011

Birding and Leopards in North Eastern South Africa.

Dear Giada.

The tour with the Enrico Festa group was a great experience to me and I know that all the guests share this sentiment.

The destinations were perfect and although we covered over 3000km, it never felt like we were driving too much. is a highlight and I will return as soon as possible. Their hospitality and food was outstanding in this Soutpansberg Wilderness. We spotted rhinos and the Cape Batis on our arrival. was the perfect birding experience and our local guide Godfrey took great care of us. Wilderness Safaris can be proud of Pafuri Lodge and the area presents an imposing and unforgettable experience.

Our stay at

 and was characterised by large elephant herds in the rivers and great sightings of raptors. As we left Olifants we encountered a pride of lions on a serious hunt, they stared into our eyes and we greeted the land to proceed south with memories of a lifetime, and we were only half way!  

For vistas and panoramas the Blyde River Canyon was our favourite part.  gardens and birding experience was a perfect relaxant after our day in/on the Canyon.

We couldn’t resist returning to Kruger as we headed for the Kingdom of Swaziland. Southern Kruger is well utilised and contrasts the very remote and empty northern sections. We experienced great leopard sightings on our trip, first there was a leopard feeding on two hippo carcasses in the Olifants river and we encountered a leopard playing with leaves on a windy day in, a World Heritage Sight.  

At in Swaziland we were met by numerous birds in our camping sight, showing off their winter plumage. We woke up to the lions roar in the early mornings, and were entertained by hippo and rhino at the waterhole in front of the camp.  Overall a great nature and Swazi culture experience.

Mkuze is a highlight to any one interested in birding. We saw Twinspots, Canaries and Terns, as we enjoyed the semi tropical ecology. is the perfect accommodation in the Mkuze area. Their expert advice and Guides makes for an educational inspiring visit.

Visiting the rolling hills of the wonderful Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Park gives one perspective of life, and equips us with abilities to confront challenges back in our real worlds. was the perfect gateway to iSimangaliso, and we left the area with heavy hearts.

None of the participants wanted this trip to end, and we had such an experience that we lost a track of time and space. Every destination made distinct impressions on us and we feel hungry to revisit many of these destinations.

Thank you for a great program Giada, and your ongoing support.  

This program is a great example of a visit to North Eastern South Africa in two weeks, I recommend it high on any list. 

morning safara

morning safara

Cape Town's 12 Apostels

Cape Town's 12 Apostels