Thursday, 26 November 2009

San Perigrinations

Die Cederberg het die San vir duisende jare gehuisves. Hierdie is heilige aarde lank voor die aankoms van ons liggeraakte Europeërs.

Om in die Cederberge te stap is `n belewenis. Skoon lug, ryk voël en plantlewe. Fassinerende geologiese en kulturele geskiedenis. 

Binne `n paar uur se ry van Kaapstad af bevind mens jouself op Heilige aarde!

Horses are instinctive swimmers. Once they trust the rider and the water, there is no stopping them from enjoying the cooling sensation. 

A hot day in the Land of Giants.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kalk Bay

Conditions seem uninviting as I drive down Boys drive and peep down the slope into Kalk Bay. It is low tide and the reef will be very shallow when a set wave sucks up on it.

No one is out yet. Soon it will be teeming with spongers and riders looking for a barrel. This is barrel land.

My session turns into a thrashing as the lip throws me over the falls several times. I enjoy watching the pros catching hollow waves and doing big turns. I learn.

A wave shoots me into a long thin pipe and I manage to tuck in just in time to make the speedy ride. Backhand barrel. Hard to describe.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Horse Safari Bushcamp

In the evening the night sky fascinates and captivates pupils to stellar light eons in age.
The horses chew the hay nets: snorts to keep in touch with colleagues, tranquil and relaxed, curious to possible danger.
Immagine a baboon on a zebra, a horse safari from a lions perspective.
To ride a horse in the wilderness, to experience the interaction between the animal you ride and those around you, fascinating. A life time experience.
Elephant, lion, giraffe, all animals have varied relations with horses. Zebra seem apprehensive of horses on safari. Can it be that they are surprised, at the stripeless cousins mounted by baboons?
This is an activity mostly for experienced riders. There are few horse safaris compared to conventional Lodges and Safaris. A specialised activity, worth learning to ride for!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Neptunes Blessings

It came as a surprise. To overcome the culture and get to the crux of
riding waves. There are many a stone in the road or rib on the face, only
understood by those who endeavour.

A cut on coral, a broken ankle, the challenge is real and often.
Catapulted into an abyss of exercise and water, this is Neptune's

When introduced to the sport, the art, the past time, the survival
technique, confusion and frustration are some of the first obstacles.
To understand and respect conditions lie at the heart of the body of
surfing. And patience.

A new meaning to patience. Until the period drops, patience is required.
For Neptune's discretion teaches patience.

raining and gusting on the Atlantic today, with occasional sunshine. A
typical confused day, and who knows the pleasure Neptune presents
in the riding of waves.

Ride horses, ride waves.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A safara

Surfing, safariing on the African coastline. Every tourist that you company, every new turn you make, sets you up for the next one! Sets ME up for the next time.
So Adam, Liz, Al and Matt is coming in February. I can't wait to raft the mighty Zambezi or watch elephants swim in it with them.
If there is anyone else who would like local company and expertise here in Southern Africa, Costa Rica or Hawaii! Keep in touch.

morning safara

morning safara

Cape Town's 12 Apostels

Cape Town's 12 Apostels