Thursday, 15 December 2011


Black Rocks fire in Spring

 Just heard my exam results,  I'm crying like a baby. Studying demands concentration, I'm thankful that the hours paid off, hours of not surfing, horse riding or mountain hikes with Biko. I earned three distinctions from six subjects, for Accounting, Statistics and Marketing. 

Praise to the Gods, and thanks to Mancosa my tutors and Linda.  This is the first year. It really flew bye. 
Swartberg Pass
Home sweet home

Biko in February 

Biko in September

Vic Falls 


Our Rhino Crisis and Tragedy

Friday, 09 December 2011

Knysna probably means place of Ferns. "Probably" because we don't speak the language of the Khoi people any more who lived here in ancient times, grazing their livestock on the edge of this magical lagoon.

In the heart of the Garden Route [],  Knysna is a perfect location from where to explore the areas mountains, beaches and forest.

Some economical yet stunning accommodation includes and 

The Knysna Lagoon fluctuates with the tides of the Indian Ocean. This creates a unique habitat filled with wading birds. It is home to the endemic and worlds smallest sea horse:

On your next trip to Africa, visit Knysna! 
This is Biko. A fortunate few have met him. This morning on the beach he was ecstatic to run in the shallow waves and look for friends on the sand.

With images of trips and memories of new friends fresh in my mind, I am also ecstatic to take short brake from my day job. This morning I went for short and freezing surf at Llandudno. A land mark beach in Cape Town. I felt alive, and it's great to be home.

morning safara

morning safara

Cape Town's 12 Apostels

Cape Town's 12 Apostels